Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday, June 7, 2015

June’s Club Wednesday June 24, 2015 6:ish Sherry’s house

Please Bring  Pot Luck: Tablet or Smart phone Cable to hook to computer, Stylist and of course your laptops & Dongles, and memory Stick.

Ever sat someplace and you have doodle  or your kids or your Grandkids?  You want to save it and Stich it out  on a shirt or bag. …. But the thought of scanning it in is just to over whelming. or your Childs handprint and stitch it out?  Now you can!  This quick and easy Way!

I love Technology

We will take  Something we have doodled or our child’s handprint and stitch it out.  Using the embroidery Apps  from our phones or tables  Then we will bring the app into  6D  and edit it.

(We are going to have fun Tonight! LOL)

Please find and load on of the following apps on your tablet or smart phone.  If you want to skip this part that is fine I will give you the embroidery file it makes!!!  But please come

Android App it is called  Touch Embroidery  From the Google Play Store  (Cost is $1.99)
Description Touch Embroidery which allows you to draw and sew your own designs from your tablet or phone. Draw out a design, export to DST, sew. It's that easy. It's 100% of the software you need. Helping you to work smarter, not harder.

Touch Embroidery allows the direct drawing of sew-ready embroidery.

I phone  app is called  Planet Embroidery Plus  From the I tunes store (Cost  $9.99) You need the PE Hand Std App.  Description: With PE+Hand module you can create embroidery designs in seconds, only by using your hand, with your fingers you can draw freely in an empty board, all the things you can imagine and what your drawing skills can achieve.

That is all you have to do for homework!!!!

The next part is what we are going to do with it in class!!!!!

We will bring the Embroidery file into 5 or 6D

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wednesday May 27th Diamond D Club

                How Many Wizards are in 6D?  Come up with the right answer and win a prize!!
At Sherry's Home at 6:00ish Wednesday May 27th Diamond D Club

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mini Retreat April 17th Stay Late at Sherry's Home

Hi Everyone Mini Retreat!!!!!

We are going over Fills. We will be making our own Fills in 5D & 6D We will also work with some very fun stuff with the fills in 6D

Prizes Please Bring your show and tell and Memory Sticks and Laptops and Dongles

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Some Very Exciting News

Exciting  Announcement

I am Already a Martha Pullen Licensed Teacher on Beginning Sewing!

I just Completed the Serger 1 Licensing. So I am Certified to teach that. 

I will very soon be able to Teach  Heirloom 1. It has lots of fun Techniques!

I will post very soon when and where I will be teaching with the Times and dates.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Retreat At Sherry's Home
January 9 & 10th

Tentative Schedule - Remember There will be lots of door prizes Please Bring your Memory Stick. 
Please remember your dongles. 

January 9th ( Janette will be there about 6:00 pm ish.)

Eat Dinner

Digitize Bird the 2nd in the Series

Jeopardy Game

Questions and Answers (Prize will be given away for the Person Staying the latest)

January 10th

9:00 Am   Get to know your Serger Class
Supply List
4 Spools of thread
2 needles size 12/80
Owners manual
Threading charts and guides
Power cord and Serger
Tools to change needle
Seam Sealant
Plastic Sleeve protectors
3 Ring Binder
Glue stick

10:00-1:00 Serger Project of your choice

You will choose one of the following projects (email me and tell me what project you want to do) I will email you the Supply list. So you can come prepared with your Items)

         Easy Pieced Serger Quilt                 T Shirt Serger Quilt                         Girl Baby Bib

              Boy Baby Bib                   Serger  Crazy Patch Bag                   Zippered Jewelry Keeper

         Night Gown                                                          Reversible Jacket 


If you do not see what you like email me I probably have a project you are looking for, I have projects for baby bonnets along with Booties and everything else you can think of.. Please let me know before Dec 31 What projects you want to do So you have have your supply list and cutting instructions.

May Favorite Website to Buy Serger Supplies:  


1:00 Lunch

2:00 PM Until 12:00 am Sunday Morning: 
Open Embroidery, Sew, Serge, Digi ( Your Choice of what you want to do) 
I will be around to help you!!!!

***If you want to do another serger project let me know. There will be a small fee for the cost of the printing for your additional project.***

6:00 pm White Elephant Gift Exchange!