Thursday, August 23, 2012

September 2012 Classes

Classes September 2012

At the Viking Sewing Gallery

If you would like to sign up please do so by

Calling 801-968-8983

September 4, 2012 Time 6:00 pm Chenille in the hoop Cost $15.00 plus Supplies

In this class we will learn how to make Chenille Appliques in our hoop
Please Bring  Laptops and Dongles,
Embroidery machine and 100 x 100 hoop or the smallest you have
Tear away
Chenille Cutter
Little sharp embroidery scissors
5 layers of flannel 100 x 100
Sewing thread.
a new sharp needle

September 8, 2012 Time 10:00 Am 5D Pro Word Art! Cost $15.00

Please Bring Laptops and Dongles & Memory Stick

September 11, 2012 Time 6:00 pm Martha Pullens 30th Anniversary Quilt Cost is $15.00 Plus Supplise

There is a cost for the Pattern and a Cost for Embroidery Designs. That goes to Janette Contact me if you need more info on that Janette is also providing lace For a  Additional Charge.
Please Bring:  
4 1/2 yards of cotton Fabric ( I would use a Kona cotton)
1 1/2 yards of cotton for the lining of the fabric
60 wt cotton Thread
Rayon Embroidery Thread any color to match fabric Green for Stems
New sharp needle
Tear away stabilizer,
Sulvy Sulky Stabilizer (light plastic stuff)
Wing needle
blue fabric marker
blunt end scissors for lace
open toe foot
Rotary cutter, Mat & ruler
Different things for different months
this Class will be every 2nd Tuesday Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, March, April MayJune.

September 18, 2012 Time 6:00 pm  Shaggy Christmas Sock Cost $15.00 Plus supplies

Please Bring

Supply list
For the Front squares on the stocking you will need 3 cotton or Flannel pieces
¼ of a yard each,  Fat quarters also work.  
For the backing of each square you will need 1/3 yard 
For the Stocking back you will need 1/3 yard 
For the top of the stocking you will need ¼ yard of fabric or fur. 
Embroidery Machine & Embroidery Unit & Everything you need to embroider.
This is Optional (if you want to embroider the top of the stocking) I did use a Cactus Punch design.
 Rag Quilt snips
Rotary Cutter & Mat & Ruler
Sewing Machine in good working order
Basic sewing supplies Scissors, seam ripper, measuring tape, pins, Blue fabric marker.

 September 25th,  Time 6:00 PM 5D PRO Cost is 15.00 TBA

Please bring laptops and Dongles

 Classes at Heartfelt Creations

Please Call 801-233-9028

September 5, 2012 Quilting 101  Time 6:00 Pm Cost $15.00 Plus Supplies
This is a fun class to learn everything about quilting while making this wonderful potholder.
September 6, 2012, Make Friend with your sewing Machine.  Time: 6:00 pm  Cost $15.00
This is a wonderful class to get to know your machine. You will learn all the ins and outs of your machine please bring owners manual and machine and all parts to it.
September 12, & 19 Candy Cane Quilt, Time 6:00 pm Cost $25.00 Plus Supplies
This is a quick and easy quilt just in time for the Holidays this quilt is a strip piecing technique
September 13, 2012, Christmas Stockings Time 6:00 pm Cost $15 Plus Supplies
(Picute will be posted soon)


Classes At Hancock Fabrics. Please Call Them to sign up for a class

Hancock Fabrics. 801-260-0343

Sept 7, 2012 Get to know your Serger Time: 5:30 Cost $15
this class is designed to help you with your new serger (or even an old one)
Please bring your serger and all the parts that came with it.