Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Dimond D Club

The Diamond D club is Thursday Oct 27 pm at 6:00 Pm

I will be teaching All Tips and Tricks about Windows! (I do not mean Your Drapes!) I will help you find the items explaine how to find your way around the Directory System! We will make sense of how our Programs works with Windows! Please Come! You will not want to miss this class!!!! It is Free!!!!!

I am sorry I do not remember who agreed to bring the Main Dish or Dessert!  So Please email me and tell me!  Jalene Said she would bring dinner, Who agreed for the dessert???

So If you can figure out how to print this Picture and perhaps color it Bring it to our Diamond D class You will get a set of embroidery Designs Yea! (Remember you dont have to color have your grandkids do it!)

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