Monday, December 19, 2011

Straight Stitch Needle plate....

Straight Stitch Needle Plate…..
I was having a problem the other day with my Machine, It was breaking my thread every couple of minutes. I was even doing redwork. I was stitching on light weight fabric with tear away stabilizer.  I changed my needle about 4 times. I finally had a metallic needle in there. I was ready to throw my Machine across the room. I was using Rayon Variegated thread.  But my Thread kept breaking………. Out of desperation I put on my Straight Stitch needle plate.  My thread only broke once during the rest of the 9 Redwork designs I was doing. … I tried to find out anything about this straight stitch needle plate there is no information on the web about it. The best I can figure we have these massive machines and the bobbin case jumps and breaks the tread. Whit the Straight stitch needle plate on. It cannot jump.  You ask Viking, They always recommend using your straight Stitch needle plate.
So my recommendations not Vikings, if your thread breaks,
1.      Straight stitch needle plate
2.      Change your needle
3.      Slow your speed down

So anyone brining their straight stitch needle plate to the retreat or their receipt for it gets an extra prize!
I am using my Straight stitch needle plate for all my future embroideries especially on fine fabrics!

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  1. I affirm Janette's experience with the needle plate. I have mine semi-permanently installed! Only one other thing happened to me this week: I had wound my own bobbins and done so too tightly. That caused thread breakage until I re=wound the bobbin, then no problem.

    Excited to see everyone on Tuesday and wish each of you new good friends a very Merry Christmas!