Wednesday, February 1, 2012

March 2012

Classes March

Viking Sewing Gallery

March 10, 2012
Saturday 10:00 am
5D Pro Advanced Editing
Cost $15.00
Please Bring your lap tops and Dongles and we will use Editing to chace Redwork into Color Redwork!

March 13, 2012
Tuesday 6:00 PM
Block of the Month
$15, Plus Supplies
Tonight you will need the Aqua Magic,,
The Sulvy Sulky Stblizer
Dont forget your memory Stick!
This is the Martha Pullen Block
Everyone Can come if you pay the $15.00 to get the special Gift from Martha Pullen

March 20, 2012
Tuesday 6:00 PM
In The Hoop Baby Romber
$20, Plus Supplies

March 27, 2012
Tuesday 6:00 PM
5D Pro  Please Bring Laptop and dongles
How to Make Free Standing Lace
$15, Plus Supplies

If you come you will get This Free  Design from Martha Pullen

Hancock Fabrics

March 9, 2012
Friday 5:30PM
Get to Know your Serger
$15, Plus Supplies

March 22, 2012
Thursday 5:30PM
Rag Quilt
$15, Plus Supplies

March 23, 2012
Friday 6:00 PM
Get to Know your Sewing Machine
$15, Plus Supplies

Heartfelt Creations

March 07, 2012
Wednesday 6:00 PM
Quilting 101
$15, Plus Supplies

March 08
Thursday  6:00 PM
Cute Pillow Cases
$15, Plus Supplies

March 14
Wednesday 6:00 PM
Make Friends with Your Sewing Machine
$15, Plus Supplies

March 21 & 28
Wednesday  6:00 PM
Blossom & Butterflies Quilt
$25, Plus Supplies

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