Monday, November 5, 2012

Christmas Retreat! Everyone Invited

Christmas Retreat Schedule.  December 27 at 8:00 am to December 29th around 2:00 am

Come and go if you need to but please come! Prizes and all kinds of fun. Remember Sherry does have extra rooms to sleep in!

Remember Everyone Please bring a pot luck!


We will be setting our Sewing Machines up downstairs. So we can have room upstairs! I am bringing my Sewing Machine/Embroidery Machine so I can do things right along with you!

Thursday December 27, 2012   Workshop (hands on)  10:00 to Lunch Time. With all Designer Diamonds and All Ruby's  And any once else who wants to attend.  We will go over all the cool Stuff our Sewing/embroidery machines can do, What the icons do. how to line up a design on the machine, how to touch the right Icon! even how to thread your machines for a double and triple needles. Our Machines are Diamond Minds and we have not found the Diamonds in them! Please bring your sewing machine/embroidery units and all your feet and accessories,  Extra bobbins.  invisible thread, a double needle if you have one. Tear away stabilizer. We will even update our Machines to the new Sept 2012 Release! so you can use the new 80 x 80 hoop!  The Topaz Owners received an update in Aug. So if you do not want to do anything else you really should come to this class to update your Sewing machine.

Thursday December 27, 1:00 pm  Workshop  5D PRO How to make a Ready made lace design Free Standing Lace! Some of the new Designs are not free standing. Lace! For example. You have to stitch out the following design on fabric.  Please bring your Laptops and Dongles.
Thursday December 27, 3:00 pm  Workshop, Software and unzipping questions, Lets get the software you have purchased and have loaded on our Computers!  Lets update or smart update your computer to the lastes 9.5 version. Lets get the free fonts loaded on our computers. lets discuss if the now 5D Stitch Editor Plus is right for you, lets show how to unzip zip and download designs from the Internet, Lets organize our designs etc. Please Bring Laptops and Dongles
Thursday Dec 27, 9:00 pm Our Jeopordy Game! You do not want to miss this. The Winner will get Embroidery Designs!!!!!

After Our jepordy Game We will go down to our Sewing Machines and sew until the stars go home!

How late can we sew on our own projects???????? UFO, So Lets Play a UFO Game I am sure everyone Has an orphaned UFO (Whats and Orphaned UFO? A UFO you do not want to finish and you would hope it finds a new home.) We will put them in a pile Someone else wants to finish it and give it a new home!  You can either work on that or your very own projects! so be prepared to sew a couple of hours. our sewing Machines will be all set up for us to use!!!!!!!!!!!  So if you are not planning on on sewing on an Orphaned UFO please bring 1 project and the items to finish it. You will have time but we Will not get to other items.  Prizes.............Prizes..........Prizes...... so you want to stay for at least a little while sewing!!!!!!!!!

Friday Dec 28, 2012 9:00 am to about Lunch Time:
Software Questions? Anything you want to know about start writing it down now so you can remember.  I May not be able to answer all but I will do my best and find out the answer later and tell you! Anything on how to emboss to making the picture stitch work!
Make sure you laugh at this picture I have felt this way Many Times

Friday Dec 28th, 2012 1:00 pm We will being doing a in the hoop project. it is a cute pocket Wallet. When you are done with the embroideries you will be done with the wallet it is very cute and simple and Easy you will learn how to crazy patch in your hoop along with sewing Items together! There is no sewing involved you get step by step instructions on how to make this project in your hoop!
Please Bring
Supplies you will need:
Tear away Stabilizer
Water Soluble plastic film (sulvy Sulky or water works Not a fabric type)
1 Fat quarter for the outside and inside.
½ yard narrow ribbon to use as ties.
Fabric scraps to make crazy patch pocket in the hoop
Machine embroidery thread Lots of colors
Machine embroidery Hoop size 4x4 or larger
Machine embroidery Hoop size 200 x 360 ( Royal Hoop) or
                   150 x 360 (mega Hoop)
Way to transfer designs to your Machine
December 28th, 2012 about 3:00
We can pack up our embroidery/sewing  machines Eat dinner and play with our computers all night.
There will be prizes about every 1/2 hour through the whole retreat! So you do not want to miss it.
See you all there.

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