Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Diamond D Club Thursday Night at 6:00 pm At Sherry's Home June 23

who is bringing What?

I need a Main Dish, I also need a Desert, Thank You Sherry She has agreed to do both!

We will be going over two concepts On is how to add cutwork needle commands in a matter of Seconds!
This is new in the updated 5D PRO

Then we will go over some Family Tree Stuff, So Please Bring a Gedcom file or You will use My Gedcom file.
a .ged file.

Laptops and Dongles please. Plus your updated Machine (if yo updated your machine in May that is the current update)

Plus Prizes, Fun, And a Few other surprises to enjoy!
Please remember your show and tell!


  1. I will do both main dish and dessert, this time!
    Thanks for sending out an "announcement!"

  2. Are you planning to announce the July Diamond meeting, or will Mary Ellen be back on the job?

    I remember Kathy and Patricia offered to bring the food.