Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Update your Designer Diamond Massive Update

Please Remember if an Update worked well for you in the past This update is different you need to follow these rules exactly if not your machine will not update correctly

So The first thing I want to say this is a massive update Therefor we need to set it back to factory Default So Please copy all your stuff off your Diamond before you start If you follow these steps exactly you should not have any trouble doing this. People are having problems because they think this does not apply to them.  They think they can do it the way they have done it in the past, It is not capable of doing it from a memory stick or doing anything but setting it back to factory defaults. That is where people are having problems at. 

1. Copy everything off of your Diamond you want ( your personal Files)

2. Download the program and Save it remember where you put it (set this file aside after it is done)

You need to scroll all they way to the bottom and  Click on the very first file nothing else

Download update 8666-6176 here (zip-file) >> Only download and save this file (you have to go to the link above and save this file)

3. Establish USB cord connection to your machine No other connection works (This will not work if you use the USB Stick)
After You Established USB Cord connection Click on the Zip file

4. Click on the Zip file It will ask you if you want usb connection or stick you need to pick USB Cord Connection

5. follow the screen

6. delete your personal files you need to say Yes (They are fixing this so everything needs to be gone) if you say no the update will not succeed Correctly (Therefor you needed to take everything off of your machine before 
and make sure you say Yes delete personal files.

7. Then let it do its stuff, 

8. Your machine will have a whole new look it will look more like the Designer Diamond Deluxe machine you can play with colors tension etc....

Please  Follow theses instruction exactly and do not do anything else even if the software asks something else. Just because an update worked differently in the past does not mean you can get it to work that way now,  you have to follow these rules this is a massive update your machine will look like a Designer Diamond Deluxe

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